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Electronical wiper interval relay 24V/15A. Also suitable for applications in railway vehicles. Wiper break continously adjustable between two and twenty wipes per minute. By blocking of the windshield wiper at an ordinary relay, the relay contacts weld and thereby the module will be destroyed.
The electronic washwip interval relay has an overcurrent shutdown to prevent damage of the wiper motor or the mechanical system.
The interval relay is protected against surges, electrostatic discharge and transient disturbances.

The wiper interval switch controls the length of the pauses between wiping a windshield wiper in intermittent operation. Two to twenty wipes per minute can be continuously adjusted using the rotary knob. The shortest wipe pause is at the left stop with twenty wipes in one minute. The wiping pause is greatest at the right stop and the wiper runs twice a minute. If voltage is applied to connection 15, interval operation starts. If the voltage at 15 is switched off, the wiper continues to run until the wiping cycle has ended, i.e. until the wiper has reached its end position.

technical data
Width [mm] 30 Millimeter
Height [mm] 60 Millimeter
Length [mm] 30 Millimeter
Voltage 12V/24V
Time period 2-20 Imp/Min

compatible to

Artikelnummer Hersteller
5WA001871041 Hella
5WA001871051 Hella
5WA001871061 Hella
5WA001871071 Hella

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