The wiper interval switch controls the length of the wiper breaks from a windshield wiper in the intermittent operation. At the rotary button there are two to twenty wipers per minute adjustable.


special and commercial vehicles



Overcurrent shutdown to prevent damage of the wiper motor or the mechanical system.
Protected against surges, electrostatic discharge and transient disturbances.

Compatible with:
Hella: 5WA001871061
Hella: 5WA001871071
Hella: 5WA001871041
Hella: 5WA001871051

NEW: Complete solution for controllers and switch boards

Carsig now offers a complete solution for controllers and switch boards. Reduce your wiring needs through the use of switch boards / fuse boards.

This includes, in addition to the development of your circuit board, the procurement and press fit of the connectors or sockets and the assembly of your module/board. The systems can of course be supplemented with relays and electronic modules from our product portfolio. Everything comes from a single source at Carsig, complete from development to implementation.


  • Inexpensive purchase conditions
  • You profit from our extensive know-how in the field of development and production
  • The reduction of additional assembly and logistics

Electronic Solid-State Relay

SSR.150.000.00 (12V) + SSR.250.000.00 (24V)


  • Bidirectionally suitable for automotive
  • Relays used so far are interchangeable 1:1
  • Control is polarized 1:1
  • Can also be used for high currents up to 40A
  • Can switch loads in plus or to ground
  • Lower temperature development like conventional relays
  • Application where only small drive currents are available or where many switching cycles are available
  • Universally applicable like a mechanical contact, eg. triggering the central locking, controlling windows, switching on lamps etc.

2-channel PWM-filter



2-channel PWM filter:

In almost all vehicle industries, the trend has arrived to replace incandescent bulbs by LED technology or retrofit to LED technology. In order to benefit from the resulting energy savings, the Carsig GmbH developed the PWM-filter. It ensures a failure-free conversion even for vehicles with micro hybrid systems. Due to the higher vehicle voltage the lamps are driven through the PWM signals, so that the nominal voltage won’t be exceeded. The Carsig PWM filter fills the break times by supplying battery voltage to the PWM filter. Therefore the headlights are receiving a constant energy supply.


headlights in micro hybrid systems



  • no flickering of the LED headlights
  • unlimited lifecycle and low risk of short circuit, through the waiver of capacitors
  • failure-free retrofitting even for vehicles with micro hybrid systems

Lighting module

BEL.302.001.00 oder BEL.305.000.00


Special circuit allows efficient operation and reliable monitoring of retrofitted LED-floodlights.


2 functions combined in 1 module:

  • simulation of a conventional halogen lamp with a typical turn-on and programmable load
  • failure detection of a defective LED lamp at lower deviation of a defined current threshold

construction vehicle, emergency vehicle, caravan



  • module with 6 channels
  • monitors flasher each side independently of one another
  • low heat development
  • dustproof and waterproof housing
  • robust design
  • excellent electronic properties allows the usage under extreme harsh operating conditions
  • broad range of input and output load -> enables wide range of applications
  • suitable for 12V and for 24V wiring systems
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