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Wipe-wash interval relay, interval time 3 ... 20s programmable during use. In the wipe-wash interval relay with relay output, if the windshield wiper is blocked, the relay contacts can melt and the assembly can fail. The electronic wipe-wash interval relay is used where the risk of a frozen windscreen wiper is quite high. The use of a semiconductor output eliminates the problem of contact burn.

The programming of the wipe-wash interval operation takes place via one of the switches S3 or S2b. Both switches must be OFF for programming! If one of the switches is only pressed briefly (<1s), the programming mode is activated. If the interval switch or S3 is now activated within 20sec. is switched on (> 1sec), the elapsed time is the interval time. The standard interval is 3 seconds. A dry protection wipe function leaves the windshield wiper for 0.5 seconds. start delayed. If S3 is longer than 1sec. is pressed, the wiper runs continuously until S3 is released. Then the wiper runs for about 4 seconds. after. After about 8sec. is wiped once.

technical data
Width [mm] 30 Millimeter
Height [mm] 40 Millimeter
Length [mm] 30 Millimeter
Voltage 12V/24V



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