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Flasher 12 V with C2 for trailer operation, EU socket connection

The flasher monitors the vehicle indicator lights as well as the trailer. If a third flashing lamp 21W is detected, this is signaled by the output C2. If two flashing lights fail, a higher flashing frequency is generated.

technical data
Output Current (2+1)*21W +5W
Operating voltage 9V-15V
Width [mm] 30 Millimeter
Height [mm] 30 Millimeter
Length [mm] 30 Millimeter
Voltage 12V

compatible to

Artikelnummer Hersteller
4DB001887022 Hella
4DB003425041 Hella
4DM003360001 Hella
4DM003390011 Hella
4DM004420101 Hella
4DM004429107 Hella
4DW003390051 Hella



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