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Solid-State Relay 24V 50A with a semiconductor output, controlled by pin 31, not short-circuit protected.
Attention! An operating voltage of 30V must not be exceeded, with slow driving through the drive voltage between 11V and 13V or fluctuations in this area, risks of destruction. When driving voltage below 11V the relay switched off.
Ideal for driving inductive loads. No switching noise. Vibration-resistant.
Typical applications:
-control of lights, fans, blowers
Terminals 15 and 31 are interchangeable.
Supply interruption of the control (15) under12V there is a off delay switching off 0.5 s, for switching off the negative control voltage (31) no delay.
When the relay is turned on, the green LED1 and LED2 lights, turned off the only LED1.

technical data
Voltage 24V
Width [mm] 30 Millimeter
Height [mm] 40 Millimeter
Length [mm] 30 Millimeter



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