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Universal flasher 12V / 24V to control the hazard lights e.g. at the trail gate. The output is protected against short-circuit and overload. The universal flasher is approved for use in the EU and can be used for different vehicle types.

Sobald am Eingang 49 eine Spannung anliegt, erzeugt der Universalblinkgeber den Blinktakt ohne Überwachung und unabhängig der Last.

technical data
Model Universal
Flashing frequency 90 Imp/min +/-10
Control light --
Operating temperature -40°C - 85°C
Tab Optional
Length [mm] 30 Millimeter
Width [mm] 30 Millimeter
Height [mm] 30 Millimeter
Voltage 12V/24V
Standby current ca.10mA
Protection IP50

compatible to

Artikelnummer Hersteller
4AZ001879021 Hella
4JZ177846-007 Hella


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